4 Curb appeal tips that are cheap!





The drive-by


Curb appeal improvements that are cheap are what all sellers want to hear. Since Covid the cost of just about everything has gone up and discretionary spending has been greatly reduced. Leaving less for renovating and home improvements.


The prices of houses have also gone up and it is currently a sellers’ market. This is partly because buyers are choosing properties that are completed because they also don’t want the renovation expense. However, many sellers cannot afford to spend a lot on fixing up the property before the sale.


There is no doubt that improving your house increases its appeal and therefore potentially increases its value. Here are three cost-effective ways to spruce up your home that don’t cost the earth and will make your home more desirable.







Cheap tip #1 Trim the edges


Some things are not obvious until you notice them. Trimming the grass edges is definitely is one of those things. Trimmed grass edges really stand out and make a garden look outstanding.


With grass trimming it is better if you prepare a few months ahead of time by placing weed killer to define where the edges are. You can hire a grass edger very cheaply and look will completely lift the overall look of the gardens.






Cheap tip #2 Mulch


Anything that makes life better for a significant pool of buyers will add value to your home. In other words, making improvements that most people want is the key. Light colours that people can complement their own tastes, clean areas they don’t need to find time to repair and gardens that are either established or low maintenance are all people pleasers.


The gardens are the first thing people see on the drive-by and at the open home so a little effort can go a long way. Garden beds that look tidy and refreshed with new mulch look great. Mulch is obviously good for your plants because it retains water for plants when it is hot and cuts down on water usage.


Mulching beds and pulling out weeds is very inexpensive and will return very well, and it gives homes that fresh look that frames the plants.


It is not labour-intensive because all you have to do is dump a fresh bag of mulch and you are done. Fresh mulch gives the appearance of a well-maintained outdoor space without actually costing you any time or hefty landscaping expenses.


Mulch is very affordable and even large gardens won’t cost a fortune.




Cheap tip #3 Pot placement


Not all gardens are big and potted gardens are very beautiful too. If you have a small garden, a large garden that needs some highlights or just a driveway front, pots are cheap and cheerful.


You can cluster pots together and define a space and plant very cheap plants for a spectacular effect. Placing pots or even broken pots in garden beds with plants coming from them can also add interest to a garden.




Cheap tip #4 Paint your front door


This is self-explanatory but it is cheap and very dramatic. The way you choose the colour is to check out popular colours in your area. You might have a popular café or pub that has a colour theme. Your house can become an extension of what people love about your area by just using a pop of colour.


So, with very little effort and an even smaller budget you can boost your curb appeal and challenge your competition.