Our Story

A New Look For Real Estate in Melbourne
After years of experience in Real Estate, Elizabeth Dumonc established Elite Women Real Estate – an all-female real estate agency. Elite Women Real Estate has grown to a team of twelve experienced agents who are achieving fantastic results selling homes in Melbourne and around Victoria. Our team are some of the most skilled women in real estate, including top-tier female auctioneers, project specialists, negotiators, international relationship specialists and marketing professionals.

We Come to You
Elite Women Real Estate is based in Melbourne however, our professional team members are located all over Melbourne and Regional Victoria.  There is no need to leave your home or office to sell your property with Elite. Our team are on the road and can meet you at a time and location that suits you.

Why a Female Team
It is well known that most household buying and selling decisions are made by women. Our female Agents understand the services a woman needs when buying or selling a property. Their empathetic manner and nurturing approach helps them connect with you, understand your needs and therefore make buying or selling a property more enjoyable.

Local Knowledge
Our Agents are local people, often living in your area or close by. Because they are local your Elite Agent brings the local knowledge and experience to maximize the value your property.

Finding you a “Love Love Love Buyer”
Our attention to detail is faultless. We know you don’t want to hand your home over to someone who simply ‘likes’ your home, we want to find a buyer who ‘Love-Love-Loves’ your home. Someone who will treasure it the same way you have.