Our Story

E W R E  Corporation

S & A Family Proprietary Limited trading as


Elite Women Real Estate

E W Real Estate

There was a gap in real estate practice and it was clearly a lack of diversity. This is why Elizabeth Dumonic  CEO & Founder started an agency with a greater sense of corporate social responsibility and a more democratic and collaborative real estate style. Embracing an e-commerce platform, the new online business offers residential, commercial and rental services for a boundaryless property market. E W R E  also wants to build the coveted village vibe that families love through business collaboration that is 21st century.

The central unwavering focus is to give clients what they ask for and what they asked for is:

• flat fees that are transparent scaled to location and marketing; • well trained staff with excellent skills;

• great negotiators;

• access to trades that can facilitate transactions; • prompt feedback guide;

• critical review of their property -devoid of personal opinion;

• an agent that works for the person that is paying for the service;

• cultural diversity;

• a process that is as stress free as possible;

• management of the whole process;

• their house to be showcased to appeal to their market;

• co-ordination of auction and private treaty processes;

• thorough knowledge of real estate drivers and how these affect property markets;

• 24-hour support 03 8802 4418.

Women build the property relationships that your target market desires and needs.