EWRE Foundation

Corporate citizenship refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society. At EWRE we consider our charitable and community work as a significant point of difference. We actively encourage investors, consumers, and employees to use their individual power to support community and those that are experiencing hardship.

EWRE has worked hard to establish a strong foundation of corporate citizenship. We have a strong commitment to ethical behaviour by creating a balance between the needs of clients, community and the environment throughout Victoria.

EWRE  proudly sponsor many charities;


Lift the Lid for Mental Illness.

‘Head’ of Hat Day, we’re helping raise funds for important research into finding cures and treatments for someone who might be close to you.

One in five Aussies are affected by a mental illness every year, but it’s not something we tend to talk about. These illnesses include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and many more.

This is why it’s so important that we Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

Fundraising for the Royal Children Hospital, you’ll join a passionate community of supporters working hard to change the future of children’s health.

Supporting and Fundraising, Clean Up Australia 2019 with Rotary International

Supporting Cancer Council’s Relay For Life

Supporting & Empowering youth with mental illness.
Australian Police Football Association