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How to make $10,000 in 10 days

18 October 2020

You have a house that has the required number of bedrooms, good sized living space, a great yard and you are not too far from the amenities that agents rave about. You feel confident your house is worth the amount you have in your head and its time to meet the agents.
Well no matter where you live or what you live in there are essential and desired criterion for all properties. In fact, the following list will add an easy $10,000 to your bottom line -straight from the mouths of buyers!
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Real estate underquoting

11 October 2020

Buyers hate underquoting because it results in hopes dashed as well as wasted time and money on searches. But did you know agents also detest the increased cynicism of the … Read the full post »

Covid 19 exposes the real value of property

4 October 2020

There are reasons people love to talk about real estate -we all need to live somewhere. Whether we buy or lease we simply need property. Covid 19 has shifted the … Read the full post »

The cost to sell real estate?

27 September 2020

Not a simple question

This is the number one question asked by sellers. There is no simple answer because there are … Read the full post »

Selling and buying during Covid 19

20 September 2020

Selling and buying during Covid 19 is it different?

Yes and no. Covid 19 has affected real estate buyers and sellers. The uncertainty … Read the full post »