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Should you buy or rent in Victoria now?

26 February 2024



Should you buy or rent in Victoria now?


Whether you buy or rent in Victoria now is a real question as competition and … Read the full post »

Capital gains tax and rentvesting

19 February 2024




Understanding Capital gains tax for your bottom line


Capital gains tax (CGT) and rentvesting go hand in hand. In Australia is a … Read the full post »

Australian suburban architecture and its impact on real estate

5 February 2024



Australian suburban architecture is front and centre


Australian suburban architecture and its … Read the full post »

EWRE 2023 Season’s Greetings

12 December 2023



A time to reflect on 2023


The end of every year is a time of reflection. We delight in goals achieved and revisit … Read the full post »

Land titles have meaning

5 December 2023



Land titles 


Land titles have different purposes under common law and your future decisions can be directly affected by your choice. There are … Read the full post »

Buying into a development

27 November 2023



The development processes


Buying into a development will be more common as Australian cities grow. What is often not discussed is the developer … Read the full post »

Aged care – Selling or keeping your family home?

20 November 2023



As we age


Australia has an aging population and aged care property decisions are silent battles for many families. As we progress through … Read the full post »

5 tips for selling units and townhouses

12 November 2023



Tips for selling your apartment or townhouse can amount to thousands of dollars lost or gained. Clearly, achieving the best price … Read the full post »

The Block auctions

6 November 2023


Spotlight on auctions


The Block auctions provide insight into how all auctions work. Property renovating and design are a form of personal expression. … Read the full post »

Part of Frankston’s History

30 October 2023






Part of Frankston’s history is the trail-blazing owner of 5 Golconda … Read the full post »

Rental provider’s checklist

24 October 2023



Be prepared



A rental provider’s checklist is important for vendors who decide not to sell their properties and choose to rent … Read the full post »

7 First-time real estate buyers FAQs

17 October 2023


Questions Answered



Being a first-time real estate buyer is daunting but there are many concerns that are shared by many. Below are … Read the full post »

Be aware – Bridging Finance

9 October 2023




Be aware of bridging finance during this low supply high demand market. The low stock and great auction outcomes are leading … Read the full post »

3 Costs you absorb if your property doesn’t sell

3 October 2023



What is the cost of changing marketing?


There are three costs you absorb if your house doesn’t sell during your agency period.  A … Read the full post »

2 Points not addressed in Victorian tenancy laws

25 September 2023

Investor beware


Two points that have not been addressed in tenancy laws are … Read the full post »

4 Curb appeal tips that are cheap!

18 September 2023




The drive-by


Curb appeal improvements that are cheap are what all sellers want to hear. Since Covid the cost of just about everything … Read the full post »

Sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords – Why ‘us and them’?

5 September 2023



Media at it again


Sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords – Why ‘us and them’? The answer is that it ranks more than the … Read the full post »

Woman’s World Cup champions are calling out abuse at work

27 August 2023



FIFA forced Red Card on men behaving badly at work


Women globally are calling out abuse at work and the Spanish Women’s World … Read the full post »

What about buying real estate overseas?

22 August 2023





What about buying real estate overseas is a question many mum and dad investors are asking now that investing in Australia … Read the full post »

Know the material facts

16 August 2023


Know the material facts


If you are selling or buying a property you need to know the material facts. Material facts always come … Read the full post »

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