Top 10 outdoor features that add $1000s

28 November 2021


Make your house beautiful inside and out. 


Outdoor features that add $1000s are what every vendor needs to know. Every … Read the full post »

Granny flats for Victoria

22 November 2021


Rental crisis


Granny flats for Victoria are a potential solution and could become part of a suite … Read the full post »

The Block Effect on real estate sales

10 November 2021

The Block Effect


The Block effect on real estate sales is when people get keen to renovate and sell after being inspired by the popular television program The Block. As … Read the full post »

Victorian Government aims to make buying a home easier

20 October 2021



Buying a home


The Victorian Government’s re-examination of the best way to make buying a home feasible is by offering a 25% … Read the full post »

Feng shui and real estate

18 October 2021

As we come out of Covid lockdowns and oppressive living it might be time to improve the energy, we live in. Many value the ancient Chinese art of feng shui … Read the full post »

Property investing and ‘expert opinions’ Part 3

28 September 2021

Expert opinion is not evidence however, people rely heavily on those opinions. As buying property is arguably the largest purchase people make, we need to separate opinion from the fundamentals. … Read the full post »

10 Fundamental principles of property investing (Part 2)

20 September 2021


Investing in property


The 10 fundamental principles of property investing should be part of your real estate strategy. Generally, you invest … Read the full post »

Investing in property. Part 1 (three parts)

8 September 2021

Investing in property is sometimes a tale of lost opportunity. We have all heard the expression ‘it seems like yesterday….’  well real estate opportunities are often reflected upon like that. … Read the full post »

Moving out of the city

1 September 2021


Covid has changed the world forever. Covid has been catastrophic for many people but it has also created many opportunities. … Read the full post »

Mandatory Covid vaccination and real estate

17 August 2021



It appears we are coming to the maintenance side of Covid, as we now understand we may be living with … Read the full post »

The cost of Covid 19 on Mental Health

13 August 2021



Raising Awareness 


The Covid 19 pandemic was never part of the state or national mental health budgets. We need to raise awareness and … Read the full post »

Lift The Lid Charity Golf 2021

21 July 2021

Overcoming fear in real estate

12 July 2021

The fear of high house prices and rising interest rates coupled with constantly worrying about insufficient income can … Read the full post »

First home buyers locked out. What about units and townhouses?

27 June 2021

We constantly hear first home buyers are locked out of rising markets but what about units and townhouses. Units and … Read the full post »

Investors are back

20 June 2021




Although many investors place a heavy emphasis on the stock market, real estate has been the most favored long-term investment … Read the full post »

The Covid mass exodus  

16 June 2021



Here we are again


Covid lockdowns feel a lot like groundhog-day for Melbournians. Trapped in a time loop forcing them to relive … Read the full post »

8 Questions to ask an agent when selling

14 May 2021


8 Questions to ask an agent when selling will make the transaction smooth and … Read the full post »

Which real estate agent, boutique or franchise?

14 March 2021

Which real estate agent, boutique or franchise?




Real estate market impact


Do businesses need an umbrella system – franchise – or is … Read the full post »

Title Insurance. Do you need it?

15 December 2020

Don’t let your excitement turn into anguish and consider whether you need title insurance. We all know how exciting it is buying a property because it often marks positive change … Read the full post »

3 buying tips that will enhance the Victorian Government Stamp Duty incentives.

8 December 2020

Saving money is hard and slow so you need to not waste a cent. The Victorian Government is however, speeding the process up with a stamp duty concession. You can … Read the full post »

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