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Feng shui and real estate

As we come out of Covid lockdowns and oppressive living it might be time to improve the energy, we live in. Many value the ancient Chinese art of feng shui for its positive alignment of energies and is a very popular reference in real estate orientation.

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Property investing and ‘expert opinions’ Part 3

Expert opinion is not evidence however, people rely heavily on those opinions. As buying property is arguably the largest purchase people make, we need to separate opinion from the fundamentals. We should first ask who are these experts and why is their opinion sort.

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Investing in property. Part 1 (three parts)

Investing in property is sometimes a tale of lost opportunity. We have all heard the expression ‘it seems like yesterday….’  well real estate opportunities are often reflected upon like that. You might have said there are suburbs you would ‘never’ live in that are now hotspots and you wouldn’t buy regional because it never goes up. Ugly areas and regional investing are now popular real estate winners but only some people saw potential. It could be argued that the fundamentals were ignored and the opinion was pervasive. Investing in property is about fundamentals and real estate as an investment is easier to monitor than many other asset classes.

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R U OK? and Real Estate

  Mental Health   Mental illness is a general term for a group of illnesses that may impact a person’s thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and behaviours

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Moving out of the city

  Covid has changed the world forever. Covid has been catastrophic for many people but it has also created many opportunities. New businesses have been

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Strata Titles

Buying Strata Title

    Buying Strata Title   Buying a strata title property   City living, less maintenance, downsizing, a less expensive entry to market and conveniences

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