Commercial Properties Sales


Elite Women Real Estate (EWRE) Commercial Sales and Lease


EWRE Commercial Sales and Lease provides integrated commercial sales and leasing services. EWRE agents have access to the right networks and the long-lasting relationships needed to connect clients to the property that will best serve the growth of their business. Our current portfolio consists of owned, leased, and managed properties in Melbourne.


Our aim at EWRE Commercial Sales and Lease is to exceed our clients’ expectations. Landlords and tenants are matched by their mutual strategies and our role is to facilitate successful commercial sales and leasing outcomes.


EWRE Commercial Sales and Lease extensive knowledge

Knowledge of the specialisations and market is an integral part of EWRE commercial services. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial property market, you can be assured our local knowledge is second to none.



Our organisational philosophy is to work with all stakeholders in a respectful and professional way. We place emphasis on reliability and accountability for all decisions in the commercial sales and lease space.



Commitment to delivering what we advertise within the commercial real estate space is important. We regularly monitor and review our services and relish feedback that improves our high standards.





Office buildings or office space can be defined as a residential home in a business district or a purpose built complex as an office tower.


Retail properties generally range from individual shops to large neighbourhood retail centres.


Industrial Properties include manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centres.

Unit Complexes

Residential income properties are leased to multiple tenants, ranging from a small uni/flat to a large apartment complex.


Lodging and destination properties that can be utilised for income, tax strategy and appreciation.


Properties that are zoned for a combination of multiple uses, such as residential, retail, office and entertainment.


Commercial Leasing

EWRE commercial sales and lease works closely with owners to develop, implement and manage their real estate strategies to meet complex business and financial needs.

The management of commercial leasing is subject to a different legal and regulatory environment from residential property. EWRE Commercial works closely with the sales and the strata managers to achieve positive end to end solution for clients.

Close working relationships with tenants ensures the best commercial outcomes for all parties over the long term.


Specifically, for owners, we undertake the following:


  • Supervise property maintenance, working closely with strata managers (where necessary), developers and tradesmen to maintain properties and enhance value.
  • Collect rent and outgoings and disburse this to owners the day the funds are available. Some property managers disburse funds only once or twice per month.
  • Conduct annual rent reviews and reconcile outgoings budgets.
  • Conduct negotiations for extensions to leases.
  • Pay all outgoings on behalf of owners including strata levies, water rates and council rates
  • Inspect properties at beginning and end of the lease, and during the lease term.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to owners to assist them to assess the financial performance of their investment and meet their tax compliance obligations.


Please contact EWRE Commercial Sales and Lease for an honest, fresh and committed approach to real estate.