Celebrity and TV shows inspire us




Celebrity designer influence


We all love to see what the celebrities are up to and we particularly like to see where and how they live. Inspired by celebrity houses we have enjoyed the design trends that only the rich could afford. Let’s face it they pay a fortune to architects and designers to build and reflect their dreams and we adopt some of their ideas for a lot less.


Just like celebrities, we want our homes to have improved functionality, reflect our creativity and be designed to maximise space and light. Ikea cottoned on to the public’s love of beautiful spaces. Stylish and affordable house and garden ideas are their thing and there is barely anyone that hasn’t got something from Ikea.


From wardrobes to gardens, celebrities have inspired us. Their access to the best architectural insights has given us great ideas that have improved our homes.



Walk-in wardrobes and bedrooms


Well, wardrobes have to be a woman’s all-time favourite and so many celebrities have contributed to our desires to have a romantic boudoir. The 1940s was elegant and opulent but more difficult to emulate. Fast forward to the 1980s and the Sex in the City franchise arguably started a love affair with bedrooms, personal style and working from home on a budget.


This show seemed to invite people to explore their own personal style. Shabby chic was attainable and we loved it. Whether you owned a house or rented, were on a tiny budget, or had a bottomless bank account Carrie Bradshaw really got people loving their bedrooms and wardrobes.


Of course, not everyone watched Sex in the City but as the opportunities expanded for us to look up our favourite celebrities, we emulated their styles. Shows like Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Kardashians’ actually opened up their houses for the express purpose of letting people see how the rich and famous live. The bedrooms and particularly the wardrobes were obviously among the highlights.

Over 50 years we have transitioned from the small stand-alone wardrobe to the built-in to now the walk-in must have a robe. We even adorn the walk-in with chandeliers, opulent studded foot seats and islands for jewelry and accessories. As a real estate feature, the walk-in robe is as loved by the vendors as it is by the buyers and renters.






Celebrities are renowned for opulent bathrooms. How did we ever cope with single sinks? I mean why have one shower when you could make the shower a small room? Evidently, the shower gel needs to be easily accessible in the shower wall? Obviously, we need stand-alone tubs with a view and heated floors right?.


Clearly, not all bathrooms are so well equipped but just like the bedroom some Aussies love their bathroom and will go without other house features for their slice of sheer luxury. I mean your house is your castle and some rooms are not up for compromise.

kim kardashian bathroom


Elle Magazine featured 50 celebrity bathrooms that reflect the different design choices made by celebrities. Undoubtedly, we want to know and perhaps incorporate some of the features. From Taylor Swift to Jon Bon Jovi we can enjoy the design choices and replicate them for a fraction of the cost.




Kitchens and open concept living


Once upon a time, kitchens were located centrally in the home and were closed off to reduce odors permeating the house. Often there was a small dining table for everyday meals. A formal dining room was just that – a place where visitors came to eat. Dining furniture included a buffet for the good crockery and cutlery and a more expensive dining table for guests.


When celebrities opened their homes for us to see we noticed they had open living rooms with less formality and more inclusion. The ‘open concept’ was everywhere and celebrities like the Hemsworth brothers showcased the benefits. Living that transcended the internal walls and embraced the outside really resonated with Australians. Outdoor living and well-equipped kitchens were inspired by celebrity homes.


The term ‘gourmet kitchen’ highlights contemporary celebrity chef kitchen designs and styles. Jamie Oliver’s rustic backdrop is starkly contrasted with Gordon Ramsay’s industrial look and both allow the consumer insights into both food prep and kitchen design. There is no place in the house that says more about your style.






We all need to pay bills, finish off work, study, use a computer and search Google. In the past study/work spaces were small desks in bedrooms or the kitchen table. Covid was the thing that made it clear that efficiency and effectiveness were as equally attainable from home as a city office.


We now all need home offices because we really do work from home more. Many of us have limited space, some want to check what their children are looking at and others require whole rooms for home businesses. Limited space is no longer a hindrance because we can simply Google design ideas. New York lofts that are celebrity bolt holes brim with space-saving concepts.


Scouring the internet for ideas that are an extension of our taste and requirements is a fun pastime. Celebrities generally are known for their lavish estates but many celebrated architects specialize in small spaces. Beautiful work areas and space solutions that we love to replicate.


Subtle to extravagant you can align your preference and make a space that fits your aesthetic. Celebrity workspaces that inspire and excite are really fun to check out.






We all have a style that resonates with us. Some love eclectic and others are minimalist. There are people that love big sprawling houses on lots of land and those that prefer smaller intimate spaces that are cozy and inviting. We also love eras from period to ultramodern time says something to us.


The Brady Bunch mid-century modern house is still inspiring us today, as is the shabby chic abodes on Friends. These TV shows had really interesting backdrops and props that fans are still inquiring about. In fact, the rooms are also characters in these shows with personalities of their own. Individual pieces that tell a story for the characters do the same for us.

Beautiful lamps as sculptures or velvet couches that begged to be sat on define rooms. Colour also tells a story like the decade it’s known for. Orange of the 70s and purple of the 80s are both still dramatic and loved today. Colour is always trend-setting and is an inexpensive way to change the feel of a space.


Many series sets inspired us to use fabric to change the colours of a room creating different moods without doing anything permanent. Recovering chairs, new curtains, throw pillows all change a room instantly. Bedrooms with beautiful bed linens using mixtures of patterns and colours for the desired effect.


Everyone can make a home their own without investing a tremendous amount of money or time – Friends were renting in New York. Personal touches and mementos are central to making a space yours.


Architectural Digest has previewed celebrity homes and individual personality is the huge takeaway. Spaces that reflect the person who lives there, filled with things they love, both newly designed and family heirlooms. As you look at these homes you can see individual personalities and are inspired to showcase your life around you.






Outside spaces are really important in Australia because we have great weather. Transteriors are outdoor living spaces that extend from indoor living. Jamie Durie arguably initiated our interest in celebrity outdoor garden rooms.


Devotees couldn’t get enough of what could be done to make a house or balcony a haven. Seemingly endless opportunities to bring the outside in and vice versa. From vertical plant walls for limited spaces to water-saving plants and grasses, we are obsessed with gardens and outdoor spaces.


Featured celebrity gardens also reflect their lifestyle choices through design and layout. There are also a plethora of garden shows brimming with ideas and important information about aspects, plant selection, maintenance, soil health and watering.

We live in a global village and humans love to know what others are doing. Celebrities are the obvious go-to because we like them and what they bring to us personally. The rich and famous can hire experts to build their dreams. We are lucky to peep inside and reproduce part or all for a fraction of the cost.