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What’s in a name? Elite is the word that guides the culture at Elite Women Real Estate (EWRE). EWRE embraces the superior values of equity and fairness and those tenets are reflected in every transaction. Nurturing skills requires a work culture that is safe to drive efficiency and effectiveness.


EWRE agents are the property relationship builders because women champion relationships. Whilst both men and women work at EWRE the recognition of women in real estate transactions is paramount. Women chose not only for themselves but for the needs of their entire family.


EWRE aims to service all real estate consumers and recognises the property relationship building elements that are needed. From home ownership to income supplementation and retirement planning the future of the real estate industry requires outstanding service and knowledge.


The resources within a location, the growth of the area, the development potential, migratory behaviours and the myriad of other associations are what EWRE capitalises on for buyers and sellers. Utilising local knowledge, macro fundamentals and an e-commerce platform is what drives EWRE.


The distinctive skill set that EWRE agents need to demonstrate, is derived from the inherent understanding of 52% of the population -women – clearly our point of difference.

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The essential capabilities required to become a good real estate agent are:

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