FIFA Women’s World Cup a welcome distraction



The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a welcome distraction from the difficulties and frustrations of high-interest rates, rents and costs of living. Victorians love sport and sport for Victorians has always had the ability to pull people away from real world problems.



The FIFA Women’s Word Cup has everyone talking. It is extra special because now we are enjoying women’s football – soccer – we have truly arrived. It is fantastic that little girls now have their own heroes and that everyone is invested in Australia’s success. The events are welcome for more than the spectacle we clearly need to escape the seemingly endless difficulties we are all facing.



Many will concede that sport’s enormous appeal is that it provides an escape, a brief and exciting respite from the complexities and confusions of everyday life. Sports can transport us into a space provide us with a happy time, give us a sense of community, provide order and give us purpose. Sport is an extension of our ideal ‘self’ – everything we’d like to be. We are vicariously succeeding when our teams win.



Many of us are struggling with day-to-day life but the FIFA Women’s World Cup is allowing people to engage in sport in a way that shuts out everything else. Watching and enjoying the games are, for the time being, all that matters. As Australians, we feel a certain pride, union, and bond across classes, cultures, and politics that we are hosting this prestigious event. Sport unites a troubled world too.



The far reach of sport



Major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup sees more people taking up soccer. There are kids playing soccer in the street improvising the goals and mimicking the actions of their favourite players. Of course, there are expert armchair discussions, refereeing and commentary everywhere and the enthusiasm is ubiquitous.



Sport as an escape also provides physical benefits. The adrenalin rush and the happy hormones leave no room for misery. Team sports create bonds, friendships, excitement and fun memories. Fans and players are enthralled at that moment and eagerly wait for the next time they can flee the mundane and be completely emersed in fun and happiness.



Opportunities to leave our worries behind us



The FIFA Women’s World Cup fever is a welcome relief from the difficult economic conditions we are currently experiencing. However, escapism is not unique to sports. Clearly, any interest that offers similar benefits allows us to be transported away from pressures and into a temporary nirvana. Other passions also deliver similar bonds with fellow participants where the ability to work toward and achieve goals is mental relief. However, the structure of sports has clear parallels with life.





Why many people choose sports to escape



Sports have similar characteristics to life. Sport has many rigid limitations on how we are able to compete and we want to thrive within those given restraints. We must adhere to the rules, engage and live within created borders that apply to everyone. Just like in life, there are some participants that have superior skills and physical abilities or are master tacticians and as in life, we relish competing with these people.



Like life, sport places restrictions on all participants and the pursuit to compete in such conditions provides an escape from everyday troubles. Athletes – as well as fans – enjoy the structured, fair rules under which they can challenge themselves, friends, and other athletes.



The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a welcome distraction. This time women are the heroes and that is wonderful for girls to see women equally accepted on the world stage.