Franchise vs Boutique

True Story!

I was recently invited to attend the Melbourne Fashion Festival and I needed to buy a dress to wear for this event. Working 7 days a week I find it difficult to shop, so I Googled Doncaster Shopping Centre looking to buy a dress, as it turned out it was from a chain store.

When I arrived at the franchise store, I couldn’t find the dress on the rack. Looking ghastly, only wearing leg-ins, T-shirt sneakers, no-make-up and messy hair, I approached the counter where 6 staff were gathered, chatting among themselves.

I asked for assistance. They ignored me 🙁

I said, ‘please help! I have a fashion show to attend and I needed your help to BUY a dress”. I repeated my self again,

“Hey team, I need service, I’m in a rush, I am a customer, please help me or will go to a boutique”.

Only one of the group could be bothered to respond and apart from taking my money they were not of much help.

With fashion do you really need to be seen in a brand such as: Dior, Chanel, Armani (ouch expensive) when you can achieve an equally great result with a non-brand. I used to do Fashion Designing for a living and I can tell you that it’s not what your wearing, but how you wear it, that makes the greatest impression. Sometimes, all we need to make a little black dress look stunning is a few basic accessories. But to achieve a really great result we often need a little good guidance and direction.

What makes for good guidance and direction?

The answer to that question is easy. Its no different for fashion or any other thing. Its knowledge, service, respect, honesty and integrity.

If a good sales assistant gives you good advice with honesty and integrity, and is not just trying to sell you something, then the result can be stunning. A good sales assistant knows their stock and what is trending, they have the knowledge that can help you make a $100.00 outfit look like a $5000.00 one.

It has been many years since I was working as a fashion designer, I am now in real estate and are the Founder of Elite Women Real Estate. I started my real estate career with the big boy franchises and was shocked by the culture of the industry. Eventually I decided I had enough of what was going on and was faced with two choices:

Leave the industry.
Create my own agency based on the principles I learned in fashion design.

I chose the second option and setup Elite Women Real Estate were we apply the principles of knowledge, service, respect, honesty and integrity to achieve great results. As our name suggest we are hard working ladies, mothers, widowers, wives. All of us real estate professionals.

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City of Stonnington welcomes  Mayor Steve Stefanopoulos. Cr Steve Stefanopoulos was elected the new Mayor of Stonnington at a Special Council meeting on Thursday 2 November 2017 “I want to make sure Stonnington is a leading municipality in Australia, one that embraces change, accepts challenges no matter how great, and strives for the best outcome for all residents wherever possible.”



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Elizabeth Dumonic

Founder CEO

Elite Women Real Estate