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Women Empowerment and Skill-Building Program
Sewing, Hair Dressing, and Health & Beauty




The Cross-Purpose Inc. Women Empowerment Skill Building Program is intended to provide basic skill-enhancement activities for women who are keen to grow skills that will increase productivity for themselves and their families. Reasons for this may include domestic and family violence, child bearing at an early age, language barriers, cultural differences, homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, etc.

This Program is part of the Cross-Purpose Church Outreach Ministry for the community. It will lead the attendees to other opportunities to continue their careers through job training or further programs while growing new skillsets. These will include self-employment, self-empowerment or multi-tasking skills that will enable our members to easily find suitable jobs.

The goal for this program is to help equip women, regardless of age, into suitable career pathways that will help them throughout there lives. This program will offer the attendees the ability to achieve their goals and give them confidence as they endeavor to support their families.