How to make $10,000 in 10 days

You have a house that has the required number of bedrooms, good sized living space, a great yard and you are not too far from the amenities that agents rave about. You feel confident your house is worth the amount you have in your head and its time to meet the agents.

Well no matter where you live or what you live in there are essential and desired criterion for all properties. In fact, the following list will add an easy $10,000 to your bottom line -straight from the mouths of buyers!

Declutter to see value

Declutter – start with an exit strategy and                               

have throw out, keep, and donate boxes

ready. Consider available storage –

how you can best use what you already

have and whether you need extra.



Deep clean – focus on the rooms that

potential buyers are most interested in

Clean to welcome buyers

– living room, dining room, kitchen and

bathrooms. Clean away mould and mildew are

especially problematic. Prospective

homebuyers are sensitive about its

presence. Don’t forget to wash the windows, dust

thoroughly and vacuum regularly. If repainting is

not in the budget, carefully clean surfaces to

remove dust, grime and fingerprints.

Carpets – for uplift use rugs. If your carpets

have seen better days but your budget

won’t stretch over lay with rugs. Use the

prominent colour of the room to give it that




Bold curtains need to go during your

campaign. Some décor elements are always popular

and some always unpopular – bold curtains are a no no.



Neutralise colours – and make everyone

happy. No matter what colour shade you choose buyers

comment either positively or negatively. Neutral colours never

draw complaints -so, mute your shade.


Lighting – remove frosted globs to cool white clear globs

and above 80watt lights if possible. This 

makes a remarkable

difference to the feel and buyers react very strongly to lighting.

Smell – it’s our oldest sense and where we derive memories from.

You never forget a house that smells bad! Invest in quality

air diffusers they are always positively received.

Choose fresh fragrances like lemon grass, citrus and nature scents.




Grout and grout products – one of the best

hacks ever. Go into your local Bunnings and

look at the great do it yourself grout products

available. You will have your 

kitchen and

bathrooms looking fresh and buyers will not

ask about leaks and mould – often incorrectly

lined to old grout.


Garden– the first and last impression. Get rid of

all weeds, cut the grass, define garden beds,

use gravel or other topical covers for ugly

driveways and place potted flowers for colour.

All cheap and quick with super impact. Indoor

plants also make big impact -plus you take those

with you.







Making $10,000 is easy when you know what is valuable. Know what buyers want then surpass their expectations and in 10 days you can reflect on the improvements and realise you’ve made more than $10,000!