Inspiration during Covid

Looking for inspiration

Covid has impacted me in so many ways. I talk to people daily and am struck by the ways people stay motivated when Covid restrictions impact their lives. I listen to stories of how family, friendships, exercise and work motivate people. Sharing stories has been hugely valuable for my mental health. Listening to how people get through Covid is very inspirational.

I spend a considerable time each week involved in charitable works through Rotary. Benevolence inspires me and in February I was asked by Isaiah Lahai – founder and sponsor of the Aladura Primary in School Sierra Leone West Africa to help fund wells. A school with a population of around 150 children (from year one to six). This small school needed accessible clean drinking water. I was struck by the fact it was a literal well I was getting my inspiration from.


My contribution rewarded and inspired me more than I can explain. Now I often reflect on what makes my life difficult – particularly during Covid.  I reflect on my first-world issues with less urgency. Instead, I try to think about the difficulties many people around the world endure daily. I’ve stopped and thought about little things I take for granted like boiling water for a cup of tea and how the access to water, electricity and teabags – that are just there.


Life in Australia is amazing we have everything at our fingertips. Covid has made us all feel real hardship. We know the whole world has the same restrictions but it much worse it is in countries like Sierra Leone. I am thankful for the creature comforts I take for granted.


Now when Covid interrupts my life, I think of the images Isaiah Lahai sent me of people that are happy for increased access to water. I think of what that water allows them to do more easily. Building wells in Sierra Leone has without a doubt inspired me to complain less and remember my great fortune.


Giving is the best form of inspiration I know. If you’ve ever wanted to make someone else’s life better don’t wait because you will have that inspiration with you always.