Lift the Lid and prioritise mental health post Bondi and Wakely





Lift the Lid and support mental health


Lift the Lid is a charity that raises money for mental health and is part of EWRE’s corporate citizenship. As the principal, I have been impacted by the devasting distress caused by poor mental health. I know firsthand the profound impact of not recognising poor mental health and the legacy that endures. The EWRE Foundation invites everyone to reflect on the tragic incidents in Sydney and donate to Lift the Lid and other charities that support mental health initiatives.


The Bondi and Wakeley stabbing incidents in Sydney, as well as similar tragic events, again raise questions about mental health and its intersection with public safety. The two incidents expose several similarities.


The complexity of mental health issues

Mental health is a complex issue influenced by various factors such as genetics, environment, life experiences, and access to support systems. Not everyone experiencing mental health challenges will engage in violent behaviour, but untreated or severe conditions can sometimes lead to extreme actions.


Stigma and barriers to treatment

The stigma surrounding mental illness can prevent individuals from seeking help or accessing appropriate treatment. This can exacerbate their condition and potentially lead to a crisis. Lack of resources or barriers to accessing mental health services can also contribute to untreated conditions.


Intersection with the Criminal Justice System

In some cases, individuals with untreated or poorly managed mental health conditions may come into contact with the criminal justice system. This can occur if their behaviour leads to harm or if they are unable to access adequate mental health support.


Importance of early intervention and support

Early intervention and support for mental health issues are crucial in preventing crises and promoting well-being. This includes destigmatizing mental illness, increasing access to mental health services, and providing education and resources for individuals and communities.


Community support and awareness

Building supportive communities and increasing awareness about mental health can help identify individuals who may be struggling and connect them with appropriate resources. This can involve training for law enforcement, educators, healthcare professionals, and community members on recognizing signs of distress and how to respond effectively.


Holistic approaches to mental health

Addressing mental health challenges requires a multifaceted approach that includes not only clinical treatment but also social support, access to housing and employment, and strategies for reducing stress and improving overall well-being.


Prevention strategies

Preventing incidents like stabbings involves a combination of mental health support, community engagement, and addressing underlying social determinants of health such as poverty, inequality, and trauma.


What can we do?


Unfortunately, no amount of funding will stop these and other tragic events from occurring. We take for granted that we function seamlessly in society and it is difficult to accept others can act in such destructive ways. However, we should have the same compassion for those afflicted with severe mental health problems as we do for cancer because the impact of loss is the same – devastating.


These incidents always highlight the need for continued efforts to improve mental health awareness, access to care, and community support to prevent crises and promote safety and well-being for all individuals. Only more care and compassion for the mentally unwell will improve these unwanted events.


To donate and participate in events that raise funds and awareness of mental illness Lift the Lid please visit Lift the Lid