Property for Rent

Our independent boutique real estate business offers a personalised Property Management service with an experienced and dedicated team of property professionals. With over 20 years real estate experience in the Melbourne market, our services extend to Property Sales, Property Management, Project Marketing, Commercial Sales and Leasing and Development.


Elite Women Real Estate (EWRE) are experienced property agents ready to help you with all your property needs. Offering a wide range of property for rent including apartments and we service all of Melbourne.


Our Property Management Mission


Detailed property inspections

The properties for rent must have a condition report completed by the Property Manager to record the condition of the property prior to handing over possession to the tenant. This report is essential to outline how the property initially presents and the tenant agrees to the condition report identifying any variations. A critical document for both parties as the bond refund protects the landlord from damages and the tenant from repair costs. Every detail of your property is carefully recorded and photographed to ensure the property is returned in the condition it was originally offered.


Paperless and convenient

Information is securely stored and can be accessed at any time. On line technology offers convenience with forms and agreements completed using digital signatures – saving you time and paper.


Finding a suitable tenant in the quickest possible time

Advertising your property with at least five images that highlight desired attributes is placed on at least six major real estate websites. Our goal is ensuring your property reaches the widest possible audience and attracts suitable tenants in the fastest possible time. Once a shortlist is determined thorough qualification of prospective tenants will commence.


Maximising your rental return

After finalising a lease agreement, we maintain a professional and helpful relationship with both rental provider and tenant. Having a good relationship with all parties provides confidence and trust that in turn fosters care for the property. We ensure your asset is well maintained over the leasing period with regular communication and updates. EWRE will continually monitor rental levels and ensure rental reviews to maximise returns.


Personalised service

EWRE offers a dynamic investment management and service system for the properties we rent. Thorough knowledge of property management laws and keeping abreast with changes that impact landlords and tenants is essential. Informing rental providers and tenants of changes and obligations is an ongoing component of leasing. Property management often overlaps Strata Laws and knowledge of both the Strata Titles Act and the Residential Tenancies Act is essential.


The properties under management that range from commercial, strata, residential and industrial, clients need to have current updates delivered for their investment class. The properties for rent have a dedicated Property Manager assigned. You can contact them directly with any questions you may have about your property.



Fee Structure

Our fee structure is clear and affordable. All-inclusive cost that has no nasty hidden fees or charges!

Services included in our fees

Professionally screening and selecting tenants

Receiving rents and issue receipts

Takeover of managements

Regular routine inspections

Bill management (strata, water, council etc)

End of year statements

Arranging repairs and maintenance – including sourcing quotes

Providing a detailed explanation of the owners/tenants’ rights and obligations

Processing insurance claims that may arise

Exercising the owners/tenants’ rights to terminate leases and tenancies

Re-letting the property at the end of each tenancy

Professionally and accurately reporting on the condition of the property at the inception, during and end of each tenancy


Please contact EWRE for an honest, fresh and committed approach to real estate. We would relish an opportunity to service your property and look forward to having you as a client.