Elite Women Real Estate

Corporate citizenship refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society. At Elite Women Real Estate (EWRE) we consider our charitable and community work as a significant point of difference. We actively encourage investors, consumers, and employees to use their individual power to support community and those that are experiencing hardship.


Lift the Lid charity raises funds and awareness of mental health. At EWRE we often raise money through events or special calendar days/months to keep the light shining on the need to raise funds.


Corporate sponsorship


Corporate sponsorship support is a payment by a business to a non-profit to further the non-profit’s mission. Generally recognised by the non-profit with an acknowledgment that the business has supported the non-profit’s activities, programs, or special event.


Corporate sponsorships attract the attention of for-profit businesses because sponsorships offer public recognition of the business’s connection with a certain charitable cause. In turn the exposure may help sponsoring businesses attract new customers or bolster the company’s reputation. Charitable non-profits, in turn, receive financial support and may also experience increased attention from the media and the public. 

Elite Women Real Estate supports Australian Rotary Mental Illness Initiatives by hosting Lift The Lid Charity Golf 2022 and other Lift the Lid events. We are very grateful to all our sponsors and acknowledge their contributions. 

For More Information go to : https://rotaryglenferrie.org.au/