Selling Tips

1.     First impressions count
#     Add black mulch around garden bed,
#     Painting the front door,
#     Gurney or use a high pressure hose, remove cobwebs and dust and clean windows

2.     De-clutter and de-personalise
#     Take down children’s posters, photos, Certificates and toys.
#     Keep surfaces FREE,pack away kitchen benches, bathroom, cabinets, and top draws

3.     Freshen things up
#     If possible paint inside  your home – Buyers preferred choice , White-on-White No tint.
#     Or  buy a New sponge mop,clean walls, doors with Sugar Soap,
#     Pack away curtains,
#     Hire steam cleaner, use Eucalyptus wool wash  to deodorize odors from carpet.

4.     The big clean!
#     Clean each room from top to bottom.

5.     Define your rooms
#     If you have three bedrooms, don’t use your third bedroom as a computer room or use your dining room as a makeshift gym.

6.     Keep it neutral and light

#      Neutralize your property, bed linen & towels with White

7.     Make the most of your outdoor space
#     Keep the garden neat and simple, gone are the days of flowers and shrubs.

8.     The small things count
#     Replace all light bulbs with 90 or 100 watts White globes
#      Remove energy savers globes

9.     Neighborhood
If neighbor property look overgrown, please ask them to cut  or do it your self.


10.  Disassociate yourself with your home
‘Let go of your emotions’ and focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours