Selling Tips

1. Cleaning the outside to harness that most important first impression
Driveways, rooves and siding that that look tired should be high pressure water sprayed. For very little cost and effort your home will be transformed from sad to glam instantly. First impressions can never be overstated.

2. An outside space that a buyer can fantasize about
If you have an outdoor area that needs a bit of love, it is worth spending a bit of time on some gardening or getting your deck polished. Planting some flowers and using beautiful pots can be a cost-effective strategy to add some colour to a property.

3. Patch and paint the walls to freshen the look
It’s amazing how much a paint job can improve the look of your property both in your eyes and also for potential buyers. Depending on your budget, you should start off by marking down which walls have cracks and major scuffs which require urgent attention and then any other walls you think could do with a freshen up. This is also a good chance to paint any feature walls a more neutral colour. Also consider any windows, doors or parts of the outside of the house that require attention.

4. De-clutter your home to look like new

If you want a good price for your home and need to sell it fast, some selective decluttering is a must. Sort through coats, accessories and shoes that are usually kept on display and store them in vacuum pack bags and plastic boxes. Tidy up
paperwork on display and invest in a letter holder in the hallway and an intray elsewhere in your home. Clear away pet paraphernalia like dog leads, toys and beds – they make any room look cluttered and untidy and, of course, they carry
their own special scent.

5. A heavy duty clean to give the property new life

Before any potential buyers come through your property, you will need to give the property a good clean. Check for dirty vents, cobwebs, mould and anything else that could make potential buyers think the property wasn’t well maintained.

6. Steam clean or replace carpets to optimise presentation                               

If you have badly stained carpets have them cleaned, or if heavily stained replace.

7. Maintenance and repairs to remove negative feedback                                    

There are many comments being mumbled under people’s breath at open for inspections. Sometimes to each other, sometimes in front of other potential buyers. Sellers are often offended if agents relay those comments so action is the best cure. Often the comments are about the smallest things – cracked power points, broken heating ducts, loose door handles etc. As you’re going through each of the rooms,
make a list of all these little things and have your agent recommend a good handy people to come and fix the issues – or replace them yourself if you can.

8. Neutral colour schemes that buyers can enhance and visualise living in

It’s important to make your property appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and that may require adopting a more neutral colour scheme throughout. Buyers
also can visualise their furniture and colours more easily in the spaces. Neutral colours also create an illusion of space – that can be critical in smaller rooms.

9. Upgrading door handles transforms at a low-cost outlay

Replacing the door handles on both interior and exterior doors as well as any cupboards throughout your home can make a big difference for a relatively low

10. Fresh, new, clean towels for an instant improvement

Display towels are lovely during inspections and add that pop of colour that create a wow for buyers

11. Add some fresh flowers and plants because greenery is a mental stimulant

Fresh flowers are a great way to fill a house with lovely fragrances and colour. They add ‘life’ to the property. Easy to maintain pot plants around the property always receives a lot of attention during open for inspections.

12. Keep curtains and blinds open to create indoor out door space

Before every open for inspection, you’ll want to make sure to keep all of your blinds and curtains open to let in as much natural light as possible. Buyers’ love the blurred line of indoor-outdoor living.

13. Make sure all of your lights work

If you don’t get a lot of natural light, make sure all of your lights are working.

14. Defining each room helps create a potential use

Re-furnish the rooms with staged furniture so that potential buyers can imagine how the rooms would look and feel for their family.

15. Professionally staging your property invites compliments and reduces criticism

Having your property staged for the sale is a great way to present property at its very best without buying new furniture and artwork etc. Professional property stylists arranged by your agent will come through your property and recommend a full or partial staging package. Your property will present at its very best for all advertising and throughout the sale campaign.

15. Pre-inspection cleaning that is annoying but so important

There’s no need to vacuum and dust every day but make sure that the property is looking good. Keep an eye out for dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, try to keep the laundry hampers empty, wipe down benchtops and mirrors in kitchens and bathrooms and any spot vacuuming prior to inspections.

16. Make your home smell nice because smell creates very strong memories

Potential buyers remember bad smells. Candles and air fresheners make your house smell nice and remove negative impressions. Cooking smells and pet odours can be a cause for concern throughout a sales campaign.