The AFLW is not the only place women are scoring goals



The AFLW is not the only place women are scoring goals and EWRE loves to celebrate women’s milestones and achievements. From football to business Australian women are carving a place in our lives in 2023. The start of the Australian Football League Women’s (AFLW) seemed like a great place to kick off interest.



What women are doing in 2023



International Women’s Day (IWD) was in the first week of March and we need a day per year to remind the world what women do and achieve. All of us want heroes that look like us. We all need inspiration, motivation and goals to give life meaning and joy. Watching people achieve offers inspiration and can also be a welcome escape from general everyday life.



The AFLW is a glittering star of achievement for women. Women have not been front and centre in sports. Men’s sports have always been touted for strength, agility, skill, technique and team strategy. Many have argued that women’s sports are not as exciting to watch and not as technical. The old tired argument that women’s sports wouldn’t attract enough sponsors or crowds has now been relegated to junk history.



The AFLW is a jewel of women’s Australian sport because its history is pathed with small wins that culminated in massive victories. Women now are celebrated in soccer, basketball, netball and cricket. Women are now excelling in other sports and we relish watching the ongoing successes.



Excellence is observed in every element of sport regardless of gender. Further women’s sport is important because the other half of the population can enjoy watching their gender succeed. Representation should never again be ignored because we all need people we identify with.




The Telstra Best of Business Awards is a prestigious event that highlights what women bring to a business. Business is a male construct – in that it was designed by men for men. Clearly, women were not part of the paid working world when we industrialised so our needs were interpreted rather than integrated. Now women are changing the original construct to include women, their needs and their advancements.



Great design integrates need, not just the interpretation of need. People that use goods and services provide insights for the creators into the functionality and aesthetic of offerings and it is not always observational. Culture also plays a role in how goods are used and sometimes only a specific gender understands subtle cultural differences. Women bring what other women want to the discussion and women perceive some business issues differently. Research shows that women have lower appetites than men for low-yield strategic risks. Firms with women in top jobs scored lower on risky measures such as financial leverage, capital expenditures, and share price volatility.



Women’s achievements have flown under the radar since time began. Times are changing and that is exciting for women and men. Men can have role models for their children that represents the real world and offers new engagement with their daughters. Just like watching the AFLW it is exciting, exhilarating and satisfying to know everyone is represented.