The Hon Julie Bishop

The Hon Julie Isabel Bishop is a former Australian politician who served as Minister for Foreign Affairs with Elizabeth Dumonic CEO & Founder Elite Women Real Estate.


We need to rebuild trust, culture and attitude with the Australian people, break down the barriers and reflect on modern times and support small to medium businesses that embrace e-commerce and use of technology.
Do not let others define who you are and what you can achieve. Set your own standards, set your own benchmarks, and make them high.

Being a successful businesswoman really comes down to personality. I’ve always been fiercely independent, confident and determined to succeed. And whenever I meet other female entrepreneurs, they share similar characteristics.

We’re committed to being better allies to Women of Colour here in Australia.

We’re committed to listening and learning more and using the platform we have to take and ignite action. We want to continue to amplify (and increase) the diverse voices we present on our stage. We want to provide you with education on how we can better play a meaningful part in creating change. We want to build a community that BIPOC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, People of Color,’ it is meant to unite all people of color in the work for liberation while intentionally acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice .