Top 10 outdoor features that add $1000s

window boxes


Make your house beautiful inside and out. 


Outdoor features that add $1000s are what every vendor needs to know. Every buyer loves outdoor spaces and the outside appeal of your home is often the first discussion agents have with buyers. Indeed it can be the reason they even come in.


Often vendors don’t think about how the purchaser would or could use outdoor space. Elizabeth Dumonic Licensee of Elite Women Real Estate EWRE says “Outdoor features help sell a home faster and for more than expected”.


As estate agents, we are all about making your house stand out. We want houses to invite interest, feel homely and smell amazing. However, many sellers overlook what is the most valuable – the land the house is on. That land and its uses are key. Making everything attached to the outside as beautiful as the inside adds thousands of dollars to your bottom line.


Outside entertaining spaces that showcase comfortable furniture, a BBQ, fire pit, or a pool should be showcased. Less overt features can also have a big impact too and doesn’t need to cost the earth. “You can spend $500 to $2,000 for simple DIY improvements like fixing the lawn, planting shrubs, or building a gravel or concrete paver patio. Metal firepits are also talking points at open for inspections but there are so many ways to make your property stand out “ Elizabeth says.


top 10 tips


Elizabeth’s top tips


  • Create inviting seating areas. Use a combination of small intimate spaces for a morning coffee as well as family gathering alfresco dining. Use cushions, candles, placemats and outdoor rugs to separate spaces.


  • Include window boxes under prominent windows. Ready to fit pot brackets for railings and fence tops filled with your favorite flowers. You can accomplish that weekend outdoor project in just a few hours.


  • Paint your front door. A splash of colour can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. A bold pop to instantly refresh your façade but be sure to use what complements your home’s building materials and landscaping. Look at popular colours in your area.


  • Colorful planters. Add colour and style to your outdoors with affordable pots that bring attention to the outdoor spaces. Opt for bold colours for an eye-catching accent showcasing your favorite plants.


  • Add timber or stone features. Timber lattice on walls or over mirrors can add depth to a space. Using stone paneling over columns, or as a feature wall also enhances an outdoor space.


  • Outdoor mirrors are fun and whimsical. The trickery of an extended garden delights most property buyers. Hugely versatile mirrors can be used in a variety of spaces for different effects.


  • Lay a brick path to your front door. Pavers are an inexpensive solution when you need to cover a lot of ground. Customize your path with a pattern such as herringbone, basketweave, or concentric squares.


  • Garden art. Add an interesting piece of sculpture or remnant to your garden and you invite interest and imagination.


  • Strategically placed lighting is amazing at dusk inspections. Today you can buy solar stick in the ground lighting, which is inexpensive but lush in effect.


  • Welcome mats. Interesting mats that invite both the visitor and conversation make your house memorable – and that’s what we want!


Often sellers focus all their attention inside and do very little outside. However, Australians are outdoor people and they like to see how the outdoor spaces can be utilized. Inexpensive improvements that add interest, offer space to reflect or entertain in and most importantly add value is money well spent.